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Update: Angie Stone Released from DeKalb Jail on Bond



Angie Stone, a Grammy-nominated singer who rose to fame with R&B hits such as “Brotha,” “No More Rain” and “Wish I Didn’t Miss You,” was released from Tuesday on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

Stone, who most recently appeared with other singers on TV One’s popular reality show, “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” was arrested in DeKalb County after police say she struck her 30-year-old daughter with a metal stand and knocked out the woman’s front teeth.

According to a DeKalb County police incident report, Angie Stone said Diamond Stone hit her in the face with closed fists first. Diamond Stone and Blondy Chisolm, a family friend who witnessed the Monday night altercation, told police they were not sure who threw the first blow. -(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

  • qetta24

    Ms. Stone stay strong you have been threw alot and its harder when u have kids that are so ungreatful thats ur daughter and i know u love her but live her from a distance u can not allow her to keep making u feel guilty about what yu thought was best at that time she needs to move on u are not prefect but dont let her make u feel as u ow her anything u dont have to rake disrespect from her and u are her mother u have been there let her stand on her own then sge will learn to appericate u tough love u did right!!! If my child rasie her hand to me it would have been the same reaction and she in your house!! She has CROSSED THE LINE!!!

  • no bad parenting first of all angie should have groomed her to be on here own instead of harbering her so they could be in a confrontation she shiuld help her daughter to do for herself back up singer training job training not just let her sit like that angie being a control freak and then freaiking out

  • dotOne

    I would end up in jail if my own child hit me, especially a grown on. Angie I pray you be restored. Forgive her but just stay clear. Sometimes your own is unbelievable.

    • Y.A.

      Good advice. Children can take you there, especially this generation. But we have to be careful. I hope she moves past this.