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Tyrese – Signs Of Love Makin’


Tyrese’s official music video for ‘Signs Of Love Makin”.


These are the signs that are made for each other
Are you the zodiac Freak, ooo-ee
I’m a Capricorn, I came here to get manish
Ooh, I know it’s good when you start speakin’ spanish
Aries, sexually, you’re full of energy
After I’m done, you still tellin’ me you want me
Met a Gemini, ooh what a sex drive
She wanted it from the front, back, left and the right
Baby, I will guarentee to give you everything your body’s missin’

These are the signs of love makin’
Are you the zodiac freak I’ve been lookin’ for
Girl, you’re sending me
Signs of love makin’
And you make me say, Oooh