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Travelle Wiggins – Big Daddy ft. Tasha Hall


Big Daddy” Music Video performed by Travelle Wiggins ft. Tasha Hall.

Travelle Wiggins was born in the 80s and is a native of Pompano Beach, FL. When he’s not spending time with his family, he is on the grind, whether it’s promotions, recording in the studio, or hosting radio shows. Travelle is a former rap artist signed to Mr. 305 Inc., under the stage name of KornBred. After cutting ties with Mr. 305 himself, he decided to venture into radio airwaves and use his creative talent for radio broadcasting. Using his wonderful personality, comedic skills, and his ability to make people laugh, Travelle saw fit to get his foot in the door to pursue his career in music, by becoming an on air personality. Travelle is great on the mic with his distinctive vocals and passion for music. He has the ability to transition from Hip Hop to R&B with no hesitation. His new single “Big Daddy” is a remake of the late Heavy D’s “Big Daddy” track, and have been co-signed by comedian Rickey Smiley, rapper Keith Wallace, and many other entertainers. Travelle’s version of this classic song is pure fire.