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Rihanna Hits An Aggressive Fan with Her Microphone



Video footage is circulating of Rihanna hitting a fan with her microphone during her Birmingham date last night (Jun. 18). She was mid-performance of “We Found Love,” getting hands-on with the front row, when it appears that one fan latched onto too tightly and wouldn’t let her go. Rih Rih’s response: a swift smack down.

A couple of different angles of the incident have been uploaded to YouTube, including one where the sound of the mic thudding against the fan is clear. Whether or not it was the fan’s head, however, is not clear.

According to MTV U.K., Rihanna later confirmed the awkward moment via Twitter. Reportedly, a concert-goer tweeted, “[Rihanna] just hit someone in the head with a mic on accident haha oops,” and then BadGalRiRi wrote, “Purpose! That b—- won’t let me go.” Neither tweet is currently on her timeline.

Overzealous fans, however, are not necessarily a problem for the “Stay” singer. Hours before the last night’s show, she became the most viewed artist on YouTube. The 77 videos on her official VEVO channel have accumulated 3.785 billion views and a subscriber base of 8.73 million — that’s about two million more views than Justin Bieber, who had 4.9 million subscribers.