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Watch R. Kelly as the Freestyle R&B King



One of the major techniques of being a great rapper is the ability to freestyle coherently on the spot. R&B king R. Kelly can go a step further — he can freestyle a love song on the spot. And he proudly showed off his lyrical talent for Rolling Stone.

In the video, the Chicago crooner stated that he doesn’t write songs, he writes life. “That’s my job, that’s my challenge and that’s what I love to do,” he says. “I love to just take simple lyrics that people say everyday, that they do everyday and just turn it into a massive hit.”

For proof, R. Kelly was given four random topics to create a love ditty to: ‘Sex Dolphin,’ ‘Ice Hockey,’ ‘Sex Newspaper’ and ‘Italian Hero Sandwich of Love.’

The end result is quite impressive. Watch for yourself.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly’s new project, ‘Black Panties,’ will arrive in stores on Dec. 10. Recently, the singer posted a few snippets of tracks from the collection on his Instagram page.