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Mariah Carey Debuts “You’re Mine” Video With Trey Songz



Mariah Carey gave fans a new single for Valentine’s Day with the breathtaking sounds of ‘You’re Mine (Eternal).’ The songstress followed the release right up by putting out a new visual.

The video plays up the dreamlike atmosphere by placing the diva away from civilization and into the forest. Carey is by the lake and covered in glitter as she coos to her lover.

It just so happens that the lover is Trey Songz. The singer lounges on a bed and takes part in a photo shoot. Of course, he’s also shirtless.

The Indrani-directed video was shot in Puerto Rico’s El Yungue National Rain Forest, and the clip isn’t shy about showing the locale’s luscious backdrop.

For now, it looks like the release date of Mariah Carey’s constantly delayed 14th album is sticking. ‘The Art of Letting Go’ is expected to drop on May 6th.