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Kelly Price & Dawn Robinson in New Monologue


Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson bared their soul to an exclusive audience in Hollywood, Ca. last month at an intimate and emotional mixer. The two women opened up about their long standing careers, detailing some of the good and bad, all while sharing cry and laughter.

“22 years in this business and it has been a rollercoaster ride. I’ve worked in every position, from no name…and had some of the most interest experiences because some of the people who I stood behind, worked for behind the scenes, I now stand as their peer and you really kind of get to know the character of a person when you work for them as the nobody and rise to be their equal,” Kelly Price states in the below clip. “I thank God…because God gave me a gift, he allowed me a platform that stretched beyond the walls of the church and I walked through an open door that he provided for me.”   Read more…