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Ciara – Speechless

Ciara’s official music video for ‘Speechless’.


Now I, I just wanna be wherever you are
And I will love you baby sun or rain
And I just wanna let you know that I will always be down
Boy I, I, I, I just wanna make you feel good
And I just wanna love you like you deserve
You’ll never ever need for another girl

I’d need extra day on the week
An extra hour on the clock
Just to show you how beautiful you are
You’re sogood to me boy
You’re so good to me
Yeah I’d need an extra month on the year
One extra holiday just to kiss you all over your face
You’re so good to me boy
You’re so good to me
You got me
I’m speechless
I’m speechless
Ahw, you got me speechless
I-I-I-I’m speechless I-I’m
What do I do baby