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Chris Brown Denies Hit and Run



The law never really seems to be on Chris Brown’s side, but don’t expect him to take his latest legal drama lying down. Brown is accused in a hit-and-run accident that could land him behind bars for probation violation; he is vehemently denying claims of wrongdoing.

The 24-year-old rear-ended a woman’s Mercedes near Los Angeles last week, and reportedly refused to hand over his driver’s license number, plus gave her fake insurance information. He went on to get peeved with the woman when she pressed him for an ID, before leaving the scene all together.

Sources close to Brown tell TMZ that the story is untrue and that he handled everything correctly, stating that any hold up in the process isn’t his fault. The Virginia native claims to have not only followed the proper protocol, but asserts that when his lawyer reached out to the woman, she got upset and hung up on him. The woman hasn’t responded since, and judging by the photo from the scene it may be because her car wasn’t actually damaged. “Chris was fully cooperative. He pulled over at the scene and gave the woman his correct insurance details,” a source told The Mirror. “He has tried to contact the driver to confirm the right information following the allegations. Unfortunately, it would seem she has gone off the radar and isn’t responding to his attempts to resolve the situation.”   [Read More Here]

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