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Charles Ramsey Lands A New Gig



It looks like saving lives is really paying off for Charles Ramsey.

The Cleveland hero who became an overnight sensation, after he helped Amanda Berry and two others escape from their kidnapper has signed with Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers and Entertainment Bureau.

Ramsey and his fab do, could potentially be in a city or town near you, as a public speaker.

Merrin made the announcement on Thursday, and said in a statement:

“Charles’ story touched my heart. When he heard Amanda Berry screaming and crying out for help, he immediately jumped into action. He forcibly kicked the front door open and assisted Amanda and her baby to freedom. They both called 911. Charles Ramsey is a true hero to me. I admire and respect him,”

So how much will it cost to hear from Ramsey? Merrin says the speaking fee for Ramsey would be around $10,000 a pop. [SOURCE]